Adriana Parncutt of Adri’s Shop

Creating a little piece of her homeland led Adriana Parncutt of Adri’s Shop to a successful new business venture.

Adriana Parncutt knows her gingerbread. Growing up in the Czech Republic, homemade gingerbread was a part of every celebration. Years later, married and living in Sydney, it was her love of coffee, shared with her husband, that led to a hankering for that taste and aroma of her childhood. The gingerbread she managed to find just wasn’t “right” so Adriana found herself cadging a regular international delivery of spice mix from her mother to make her own.

Having moved to the Coast in pursuit of a laidback beachside lifestyle for the family, Adriana had left office work behind her and started a small jewellery business from home. At a local market selling her wares, she included some gingerbread hearts on her stall as a Valentine’s Day touch. At the end of the day there was jewellery left but all the gingerbread hearts had sold …

A fortuitous failure saw the next market a wash-out meaning that Adriana was left with the large batch of gingerbread she had prepared. At a loss as to what to do with it, Adriana hit the pavement to see if any cafes were interested in taking it off her hands.

Her first stop yielded no result, but the next stop, at Ruby’s Cafe and Books, Umina was a win. Not only did they take them all but they were quick on the phone with the news that they had sold out. And could they please order more!

Adriana suddenly found herself with a very successful baking business on her hands. This brought with it the problem of sourcing her spice mix.

Both taste and quality were of paramount importance to Adriana, as is organic, local produce. She found the perfect solution when Central Coast company Gourmet Organic Herbs was able to supply and hand-grind the ten different spices to Adriana’s specifications to produce her signature gingerbread spice mix.

With the honey for the gingerbread coming from The Honey Place in Empire Bay, these very European treats are local at heart, made with love and integrity at every stage of production. All the gingerbread is baked from scratch and contains no preservatives. Gluten, dairy and egg-free options are available.

Adriana also runs gingerbread decorating workshops for both adults and children, a great option for a child’s birthday party or a bride’s kitchen tea.

Adri’s Shop gingerbread is now found in numerous cafes and shops across the Coast and beyond and is also a thriving business online, with private orders for special occasions such baby showers, weddings and birthdays, or beautiful personalised gifts.

And most importantly, how do they taste? If you can believe it, even better than they look!

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