Meet our incredibly talented musicians living, writing and collaborating here on the Central Coast of NSW

Jake Howden Breeze Magazine

Jake Howden

Taking a look at local singer/songwriter Jake Howden’s YouTube Channel you might easily assume that he was born with a guitar in his hands and music on his mind ...  But ask him and he’ll say that this whole music game is still quite new to him. Hu... Read More...

Sarah Humphreys

Every so often life has the habit of throwing us a curveball, a twist of fate that leads us to question our very essence.. And it’s times like these that we all turn to our own ways of dealing with them; our comforts, remedies, little pops of inspira... Read More...

Mike McCarthy & The Lions Share

Your latest release The Lion’s Share has been out for just over a year now. How are you feeling after all the dust and chaos has settled? I’m feeling good. It has been a big year for me. Though I’ve got to say that right now things have panned out... Read More...

Jacob Pearson

In a time when new genres arise more frequently than John Farnham retirement tours, it has become a shameful rarity to find an artist who defies genres and simply takes music back to what it should be. Central Coast local Jacob Pearson does just tha... Read More...

Israel Cannan

For Central Coast musician Israel Cannan the past few years have been quite the expedition. In 2010 Cannan decided to busk his way around Australia, embarking on a three-month, 20,000 kilometre journey, visiting over 120 towns across the country. Alo... Read More...
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