I say chocolate but Cocopure is about much more than that. In fact it’s really about coconut …

Steven Lawson and his wife, Monique, first came across cold-pressed coconut oil after they chucked in a life of city-based desk slavery and headed off sailing with their young family. With little space for storage or for cooking, they came to truly see it as a ‘miracle food’. The oil they sourced is a raw food and so has the many health benefits of higher nutrition; it has a lower heating point than other oils; tastes delicious; and can be used in many ways when cooking. It is also great for your skin when applied externally. The Lawson’s used it on insect bites and as a general moisturiser for their skin and hair after swimming.

Once they returned to dry land, Monique’s interest in healthy eating continued, inspired partly by some ongoing health issues that Steven was experiencing. The family included much more raw food in their diet and cold-pressed coconut oil was a big part of their new way of eating – drizzling it melted on vegetables along with honey, freezing it as coconut ice cream … they were limited only by their imaginations.
Steven’s health dramatically improved on his raw food diet, but he did feel the diet was a little lacking in joy. Monique had always been a keen dessert maker and baker but most traditional cooking no longer fitted with their food philosophy. So Steven began experimenting with coconut oil to create healthy chocolates and sweets. The result was coconut butter, in various flavours, which can be used in a myriad of different ways to create healthy desserts and treats. When it became clear that Steven’s sweet coconut butters were a hit, Cocopure was born.

The coconut butters are a 100% raw, 100% vegan and 100% delicious. All ingredients are Superfoods – raw cacao, cashew, vanilla, agave syrup for sweetening and, of course, the virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil as the base. Cocopure Coconut Butters are made to a raw-food philosophy – they are carefully stone-ground at low temperatures to keep vitamin and nutrient levels at a maximum.

Raw cacao is completely different to your average cocoa, which is processed to such an extent that it has little nutrient value. The raw cacao that Cocopure uses is uncooked and unprocessed chocolate, sourced from small producers in Peru. It has four times the nutritional value of processed chocolate! The Cashew Coconut Butter is made from raw cashews blended to a creamy texture. The Vanilla Coconut Butter contains organic vanilla powder, raw organic Peruvian lucuma powder and is blended with organic coconut flakes.

The most important fact to us, though, is that they taste fantastic! These butters are decadent and delicious. There is no way you could want a Mars Bar when you could have Cocopure Coconut Butter. Spread on baked goods, and fresh fruit – the best thing I have ever tasted was a medjool date with a nugget of the Vanilla Coconut Butter inside – or eat straight from the jar. They are the perfect treat to have on hand.

Varieties currently available:
Chocolate Coconut Butter
Cacao Cashew Coconut Butter
Cashew Coconut Butter
Vanilla Coconut Butter
Chilli Goji Chocolate Butter
Intensio Chocolate Mint Crunch Butter





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