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Explore our exciting selection of dining options available here on the Central Coast of NSW.

Hatters Tea House Ettalong

Hatters Tea House Ettalong

Those who know Hatters Tea House in Ettalong invariably all say the same thing: “oh, I LOVE Hatters!” It’s a delightful little place set behind a characterfu... Read More...
Ela Mesa Greek Restaurant Woy-Woy

Ela Mesa Greek Restaurant Woy Woy

Ela Mesa, meaning “welcome in”, is the culmination with a long love affair with Greek cuisine. Polyvios (Paul) Papadopoulos spent many years running restaurant... Read More...
The Hungry Traveller

The Hungry Traveller

Kombi Love “flippin’ burgers and makin’ shakes” At first glance, it looks like a fairly ordinary 1976 Volkswagen Kombi cruising the Central Coast … But this... Read More...
Like Minds Avoca Beach

Like Minds Avoca

Trying to describe Like Minds can involve a lot of words, and quite a few “umm ...s” as well. But really, it’s all in the name. Housed in an old corner shop ... Read More...
Ooomph Cafe and Foodstore East Gosford

Ooomph Cafe and Foodstore

Andrew Mansfield has been peddling organic produce in East Gosford for some time now. After a career in corporate processes which took him to London, Andrew wa... Read More...

Bombini Restaurant and Bar Avoca

If you had ever been to Rojo Rocket in Avoca, the first thing that will strike you about its successor Bombini is the litres of white paint that have gone into ... Read More...
Coast 175 Ettalong

Coast 175, Ettalong Beach

A stylish reincarnation for one of Ettalong’s iconic buildings sees it become a firm favourite with both visitors and locals. The first time Monique Keogh sa... Read More...
Riviver Bar Gosford

Reviver Bar Gosford

Gosford provides the perfect location for an ambient bar for grown-ups. The décor is a stylish mix of industrial features, black leather and red paint. The l... Read More...
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