Jimmy G’s Gosford


Just across the park from Byblós is James Nouri’s newest venture.

His company, Effective Hospitality Group has moved back to his first love and opened a new cafe in Gosford.

James has had the concept for Jimmy G’s for some years, knowing that he wanted to open a cafe bakery in Gosford specialising in sourdough bread, and leading to a small local chain of venues.

He had the idea, even down to the type of décor and furnishings he wanted. What he didn’t have was baking experience. Along came pastry chef Mark, formerly Head Pastry Chef on the QEII, and together they approached Sourdough expert, Warwick Quinton, who not only agreed to be their consultant but gave James his 23-year-old live culture.

The bakery is out the back of the cafe and a large viewing window allows customers to watch loaves being hand-rolled between 8am and 11am each day. The bread is available for purchase and is also used in the cafe’s delicious New York-style sandwiches.

Having Mark on board means that the pastries are also something special. The puff pastry for Danishes and pies is made from scratch on the premises and its taste bears witness to this.
The coffee is predictably good, with the beans roasted in-house. James has after all built his reputation on great coffee—his first business being Central Espresso Café in Gosford, which is still extremely popular.

Jimmy G’s occupies a generous amount of space and opens onto beautiful Kibble Park. The fit-out is stylish, with a modern French Provincial influence to the cabinetry. James designed and made  some of these pieces himself, knowing exactly what he wanted.

The Gosford cafe bakery is just the first, with a West Gosford location opening in January and more to follow.
Jimmy G’s is poised to become a firm favourite on the Coast and is definitely worth a visit. And be sure to visit early if you want to get your hands on a loaf of that delicious sourdough!

Visit Website
Jimmy G’s
32 William Street, Gosford
Ph:1300 080171
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