Take a tour of some of the most beautiful homes in the country here on the Central Coast of NSW.


Pretty Beach House

Pretty BeachHouse The drive up to Pretty Beach House is steep. Very steep. The day we visited our elderly mule of a motor really struggled. It had been raini... Read More...
Loughlin Furniture

Loughlin Furniture Designs

form & function There are many advantages to buying locally. It puts money in the pockets of locals and is a more sustainable practice. You’ll probably sc... Read More...

Noonameena Pearl Beach

The first time Daisy Symonds made the arduous trip to the hidden beach east of Patonga, it was awash with wildflowers. The day we made our way towards the home ... Read More...
Breeze Magazine Central Coast NSW

Renaissance Living

A rather grand house filled with sumptuous, European flair makes for a surprisingly livable, coastal home. Copacabana is a seaside suburb revolving around its ... Read More...
Sandra Kerr

Timeless Grace in Bateau Bay

A 1940s cottage stands the test of time becoming the perfect retreat for this couple. This gorgeous little cottage has stood on its corner for around 70 years ... Read More...

Beach Farm Kincumber

The house at Kincumber’s Beach Farm is evocative and inviting. Bathed in a warm and benevolent light, you can’t help but be drawn inside. This year is a special... Read More...

David Boyle Pretty Beach House

Images by Bridget Arnott Pretty Beach hugs a gentle curve of coast and is backed by national park. It is home to the stunning Stewart Moeller residence, whic... Read More...
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