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Jimmy G’s Gosford

Just across the park from Byblós is James Nouri’s newest venture. His company, Effective Hospitality Group has moved back to his first love and opened a new ... Read More...

Byblos Restaurant Gosford

For a number of years now Gosford has been home to one of the Coast’s most popular and exotic restaurants. Suitably named after Byblós, the beautiful resort tow... Read More...

Avoca Beach Picture Theatre

The picture theatre business predates the building; having started in 1948 when Norman Hunter showed his first bush films to raise money for a community rock po... Read More...
Breeze magazine Xmas recipes

Traditional Christmas Recipes

Traditional Christmas Recipes Christmas Stollen Imagine the fragance of butter, almonds and cognac combined in one delicious giant bun. Ingredients 1 cup... Read More...
Visit Pantonga

Visit Patonga

the simple life... The name Patonga means oyster, and oyster farming is still the main industry in this sleepy riverside community. The primary reason to come... Read More...
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