Summer Days – A Style Creation collaboration

Casey wears TOP $55 Sadie Lou, PANTS $129 Bohemian Traders, SHOES $229.95 Wittner, RINGS Babyanything, NECKLACES both Goldmark, FLOWERS Lauren Alyce Floral Design.Casey wears DRESS $79.95 Elwood from Plain Janes, SHOES $129.95 Adidas, NECKLACE $20 Its Simply Serendipity. Gracie wears TOP $27.95 White Tee from Ardi La + $49 Floral from Sadie Lou, JEANS $ 129 Bohemian Traders, SHOES $169 Zoe Kratzmann from Plain Janes, EARRINGS $69 Kitte from Little JuJu, RING $205 Uno de 50. Gabrielle wears TOP $180 Velvet from Plain Janes, SKIRT $59 Sadie Lou, SHOES $169.95 Wittner, BAG $1,435 Gucci.Casey wears TOP $27.95 Ardi La, SKIRT $159 Bohemian Traders, SHOES $129.95 Urban Soul from Myer, NECKLACE Shorter $34.95 + Longer $39.95 Sadie Lou, BRACELET Black $70 from Plain Janes + Silver $10 each from Its Simple Serendipity, WATCH Komono $139.95 Plain Janes, RINGS Set of four $40 Urban Queen from Little Juju. Gabrielle wears TOP White $49 from Sadie Lou + Mesh $45 from Ardi La, SKIRT $79.95 Plain Janes, SHOES $249.95 Wittner, BAG $POA Chanel. Gracie wears DRESS $149.95 Assembly Label from Plain Janes, TOP $55 Rose Gold from Ardi La, JACKET $179 Bohemian Traders, BELT stylist’s own, SHOES $195 Hola Lola, BRACELET Cuff $79 + Bracelet $185 both Peter Lang from Little JuJu, RINGS Set of three $30 Urban Queen from Little JuJu .Gracie wears TOP $250 Ba&sh from Plain Janes, PANTS $109.95 The Fifth Label from Plain Janes, SHOES $185 Hola Lola, BASKET $131 Manouc, NECKLACE $15 Its Simply Serendipity, FLOWERS Lauren Alyce Floral Design. Casey wears TOP $59.95 Plain Janes, SKIRT $149 Veronika Maine, SHOES $229.95 Wittner, BRACELET $10 Its Simply Serendipity (necklace worn as bracelet). Gabrielle wears TOP $29 Sadie Lou, SKIRT $49 Sadie Lou, SHOES $89.95 Lipstik Shoes, NECKLACE $90 Plain Janes, BRACELET Cream $29 (for set of three) + Black $7.95 from Plain Janes.

Summer Days

by Agata Rynkiewicz

They say things come to those who wait, but then there’s that tribe that innovates, creates and makes things happen. Like this Breeze Magazine / Style Creation collaboration … we dreamt about bringing fashion to the pages of Breeze and a few months on here we are.

So too do fashion designers, each season they dream, they innovate, create and bring to life a fresh vision for the season. Here, in our launch fashion editorial, we’ve curated ten catwalk looks that will be your ‘go to’ wardrobe of choice for the summer months ahead.

For subtle-sexy try off the shoulder, taking you from beach to bbqs and bars. Underwear as outerwear is also on trend, the slip dress done right channels an effortless chic and boy is it quick to throw on for a day or night out.

Bright florals teamed with understated nudes will complement a golden tan (straight from the bottle to be safe), and you just can’t go wrong with denim. This season it’s all about the denim mini skirt. Team this with tassels, long earrings and graphic bags (Gucci Garden we’re thinking!). For a slightly edgier look go high shine with metallic in cooler tones.

Whichever option you choose, be bold, experiment and enjoy the sunshine!

PHOTOGRAPHER Joel @ Polished by Donna
FASHION EDITOR Agata Rynkiewicz @ Style Creation
HAIR Cassandra Herrick @ Cassandra Herrick Hair
MAKEUP Nicky Burke @ White Lily Hair & Makeup
MODELS Casey, Gracie, Gabrielle @ Polished by Donna
LOCATION Jendar Designs at The Chapman Building

FASHION STOCKISTS: Adidas (; Ardi La (02 4333 6644); Bohemian Traders (; Chanel (; Gucci (; Hola Lola (; Its Simply Serendipity (; Lauren Alyce Floral Design (; Lipstik Shoes (; Little JuJu (; Manouc (; Myer (; Plain Janes (; Sadie Lou (; Uno de 50 (; Veronika Maine (; Wittner (

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