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“flippin’ burgers and makin’ shakes”

At first glance, it looks like a fairly ordinary 1976 Volkswagen Kombi cruising the Central Coast … But this is no commonplace van. The Hungry Traveller is a funky new ‘food van’ run by Coast-born Heidi Souter. You might have seen it around – she’s gaining quite a following!

Food trucks allow us to enjoy treats from the streets. Complementing its sunshine colour, The Hungry Traveller’s typical menu is inspired by the idea of ‘Aussie summer classics’. Think bacon and egg rolls, juicy burgers, shakes and ice-cream sandwiches.

The Hungry Traveller Heidi Souter, owner of The Hungry Traveller, has named this bright yellow Kombi “Sunny” – a very fitting name. Heidi’s father is a mechanic, and she’s always enjoyed working on vehicles alongside him. Since childhood, the iconic 1970s era Volkswagen Kombi Van have had a special place in her heart. So much so that she bought her first Kombi as a project when she was just 17 years old. She still has it today, albeit in pieces.

Sunny is a more recent purchase – Heidi found the Kombi for sale in Toukley. It was in great shape, having had only two owners who obviously loved the van.

Classic Kombis aren’t the only thing dear to Heidi’s heart. This food-lover has worked in hospitality from a young age, and has also developed a passion for travel which she indulges regularly. “I love food, I love interacting with people, and I love that hospitality is an industry that allows me to move around”, she says.

The Hungry TravellerThe Hungry Traveller story goes like this: One fine day, Heidi was working on her Kombi and suddenly got the brilliant idea to transform it into a mobile food outlet. With a few simple modifications carried out by Heidi and her father, Sunny was ready to serve the people. Within a short space of time Heidi had a business, and lifestyle, that perfectly combines everything she is passionate about: food, travel, Kombis and people. “The Kombi invites people over, and they’re loving the burgers. I get lots of waves when I’m out on the road.”

The Hungry Traveller menu changes depending on what’s fresh and available in its current location. Heidi creates burgers using ingredients like grass-fed beef, portobello mushrooms, haloumi, and sweet corn and herb fritters. You might also find some amazing side-dishes – pineapple and cinnamon fritters, grilled corn, sweet potato fries, potato scallops, onion rings and more.

Heidi’s shakes are particularly indulgent – vanilla malt, peanut butter and Nutella, salted caramel, strawberry jam, and the Aussie-favourite Milo, sure to bring back childhood memories.

Each ingredient used in The Hungry Traveller mobile kitchen is fresh and locally-sourced. But if the sound of a seasonal and wholesome menu still hasn’t convinced you, reflect on the fact that Heidi makes a lot of the ingredients herself – shake syrups, sauces, pickles, relishes … All made with copious amounts of love and passion.

The Hungry TravellerSunny’s quickly becoming a recognisable presence on the Coast’s roads, zipping from location to location. You’ll find Heidi at various sites across the Central Coast each week, with some regular stops on particular days. Followers of The Hungry Traveller on social media are updated regualrly with her whereabouts.

The Hungry Traveller is the perfect option for a private event, with no set-up required. You can even chat with Heidi about menu options to suit your event.

And next time you yourself feel like a hungry traveller on the Coast, consider the fact that The Hungry Traveller could be nearby. Follow on Facebook and Instagram to ensure that you don’t miss out!

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