Timeless Grace in Bateau Bay

A 1940s cottage stands the test of time becoming the perfect retreat for this couple.

This gorgeous little cottage has stood on its corner for around 70 years now as Bateau Bay has grown around it. Located close to the beach and on a desirable corner block, it could so easily have been gobbled up by that progress but thankfully it remains, largely untouched.

The present owner had fallen in love with the property long before she and her husband moved in. Walking past it regularly, she was drawn to the graceful sweep of verandah at the front and the elegant garage-cum-studio with barn doors to the side of the block. As if she had willed it to be so, the house came on the market and the couple were able to purchase it.

Essentially empty-nesters, downsizing from a large house to half a dozen rooms was initially a challenge. Ultimately though it became an enjoyable process and the house is filled with a wonderfully characterful collection of furnishings and belongings as a result.

Unlike many older houses whose original form has been lost, as they’ve been extended, the integrity of this home is intact. The floor plan is very simple – the main structure consists of a living room at the southern end and a bedroom at the northern end. A bathroom and resultant hallway join them together. A sleep-out sat behind the bedroom and the kitchen behind the living room. These were joined by a covered verandah to form a U-shape.

Very little has been done structurally to the home, something that appealed to the owners, with the sleep-out now forming a proper second bedroom and the adjoining verandah built in to form a second sitting room and home office. The kitchen and bathroom had been renovated but it fell to the new owners to add an indoor toilet – obviously the previous owners were fans of the outdoor dunny!

The furnishings throughout the home are a delicious mix of treasured items, roadside finds and souvenirs from travels, giving the home a look of stylish bohemian confidence. The owners are keen art collectors and with the necessity to pare back furnishings, combined with stark white walls and high ceilings, they couldn’t have found a better place to display their collection. Smaller pieces displayed on shelves combine with larger wall mounted pieces. Even the bathroom has a lovely framed piece worth admiring.

The outdoor spaces have become valuable extended living areas. The front verandah is a stunning introduction to the house and a favourite place for a relaxed breakfast. The back garden features a large deck, which unites the laundry and a small artist’s studio with the house. Cane lounges, Adirondack chairs, shady trees and a barbecue make this area perfect for entertainment. This lovely little cottage has certainly embraced modern living and cleverly shaped itself to not only survive but to be loved.



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